There have been many different stories in the media on how Google+ is a ghost town.  It’s been said that people sign up, they think no one is there , so they eventually end up leaving the platform.

I’m not here to argue about how great Google+ is, how its changed my business, or how its put me in contact with tons of incredible people.  I’m not going to mention any of those things.  I’m just going to introduce you to some “ghosts” that I’ve met in this ghost town.

These 13 Ghosts have helped me to use Google+ more effectively and network like never before.  All of these ghosts will engage with you if you make thoughtful comments and add to the conversation.  I’ve compiled some quotes from these Google+ Influencers that have helped me find success on my Google+ journey.

So, without further ado.  Let me introduce the 13 Ghosts of Google+.

“Be very selective about who you circle. Set up circles for different interests if you’d like, but be deliberate about the circles you create and the people you put into those circles. For most, the value that you’ll get from Google+ will depend in large part on who you circle and how much you hear from the people that matter most to you. And that all boils down to setting up your circles the right way and filling them with great, interesting people.”

“Being helpful on Google Plus is one of the fastest ways of growing an audience and building influence.”

“Google Plus will become an incredibly valuable place for you if you start by looking and listening. Look for those that talk about what interests you first. Listen to their conversations. Find the ones you relate to best and then start interacting with them in comments and reshares of their content. Then the magic begins. Start with the What, then you’ll find the Who!”

“Be yourself.  Be true to who you are, including times when you might not know the answers.”

“Thanking people goes a long way because most people don’t do it.  People will remember you for doing so and will appreciate it.”

“From interaction comes friendship, friendship breeds relationships, & relationships bring opportunities…strive for connections.”

“Having a complete profile will show them that you are serious about your personal brand, and they will want to follow you as a result.”

“Today, I am a firm believer that it’s not about who you circle, nor who circles you but who finds you and how you treat them . It is not about ‘working the Google+’ it’s about working for the Google+ (as a community).”

“Thank people using Ripples.  Taking the time to reach out and connect shows how much you value those that assist in spreading your message.”

“If we don’t share, then other people will be missing out on content that could be valuable to them.

Sharing is the vehicle that drives social media interaction, and on Google+ what you share can result in a more in-depth and fruitful conversation than what is seen on many other social networks.”

“Actively seek out and engage with people who are active and engaging.”

“People like to boost people who boost them. Be sure to spend some of your G+ time each day commenting on other people’s posts and resharing the best with your followers. When you reshare, add a personal comment explaining the value of the post you’re sharing, and be sure to +mention its creator!”

“Don’t be afraid to ask the ‘experts.’ Unlike other social networks, Google+ is full of influencers that love to help everyone.”

I hope that you have learned something from these Google+ influencers.  They are all “friendly ghosts” and would love to connect with you on Google+    Click on each of their names to connect to their profiles and circle them.

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