Love ‘em or hate ‘em there is no denying that Duck Dynasty is the highest rated nonfiction series on cable.  Personally, we watch it as a family because it’s a clean funny show, and my kids love it.

While watching the show, I realized that there are some great business tips to take away from it.

Find Your Niche.  

Before there was any TV show, there was Duck Commander.  They did one thing.  Make and sell duck calls.  That’s it.  They branched out and sold other things later, but the backbone of their business was making and selling duck hunting products that worked.  They did that, and did it better than most.  What’s your niche?  What service or product are you doing better than others? Do you need to try a new idea?  Do you need to examine your business from another angle?  Why are your customers coming to you rather than your competitors? Find your niche and excel at it.

Be Yourself.  

Even though some of the shows settings are obviously staged, you can tell that these are real people from a real family. The Duck Dynasty clan has called it “guided reality.”  The producers may suggest a scenario but the way that it happens is purely from the Robertson family.  The authenticity that they are able to pull off is unmatched in reality TV.

Are you authentic in your business?  Are you trying to be something that your not?  Who are you?  What drives you? Authenticity works because if you are  relatable to your clients.  You are elevated above your competition as a trustworthy solution for their needs.

Make Time for Family.  

One of the reasons I believe Duck Dynasty is so popular is because of the family dynamic.  The Robertson success story is a family success story.  They work and play together.  Even in their crazy antics, that thread of family love shows through.  A familiar plot line in the series is the CEO, older brother Willie, trying to get out of a family event that he doesn’t want to do.  Even so, every episode ends with the family together around the dinner table, heads bowed in prayer in thanks for the blessings and togetherness of family.

Many times I have to ask myself, “Am I sacrificing family time in order to be successful?”  I know there is a balance, but I think we constantly need to be asking ourselves where our priorities are.  We only have one chance to raise our children. We only have one chance to be with family.   We may need to realize that we can have it all, just not all at once.

Be Kind To Others.

For all I’ve read, the Duck Dynasty family goes out of their way to show kindness to fans.  In fact, the photo that is included with this blog post is one with my daughter and Jase, the older brother.  She went on a road trip with friends who are big fans and just showed up at their warehouse.  He was kind enough to come out of the office for her to get a picture with him.

Sometimes, doing well in business is just a matter of being kind.  I’m not advocating being a pushover.  You can’t let clients or customers run all over you. But, I’ve never meet a business owner who lost clients because of great customer service. With social media and online reviews becoming more commonplace, treating customers with kindness…even ones who don’t deserve it, will be extremely important.  Will you be the company that will make your clients, “Happy, Happy, Happy”?

4 Business Tips I Learned From Duck Dynasty
Love ‘em or hate ‘em there is no denying that Duck Dynasty is the highest rated nonfiction series on cable. Learn 4 business tips from the hit TV series!