The nature of social media changes constantly and one platform is moving quickly through the ranks to become a dominant force. Although Google+ launched in mid-2011, not too many people paid much attention to it at first. But now, Google+ is starting to be heard. With its connection to the world’s number one search engine, having a Google+ page for your business is a must.

Why is it so important to have a presence on Google+?

Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Your Google+ page has a high priority in Google searches.
  2. Your page improves the optimization of your website by building internal links. (i.e. links to your blog posts.)
  3. You can sort your friends from family, clients from prospects and much more when you use the circles feature. This allows you to post to a targeted audience for marketing and social media purposes.
  4. You’ll see Google+ businesses near you listed in personalized search results, which means your business is also listed on other Google+ users search results.
  5. You can use the apps within Google+ to track and analyze where and who you’re reaching for better marketing and social networking.

There are plenty more reasons to use Google+, but these are the top five because of their impact on your business and social marketing. Right now, more than three-quarters of the top 100 global brands have active Google+ pages. In the past year alone they have witnessed an astounding amount of growth, with more than 23 million listed followers.

By having a Google+ page, not only does your website appear in search results, it comes with the addition of a visual icon and right hand posting. You’re also able to better communicate with your followers; a huge advantage in the social media world. If major corporations have seen and experienced the importance and value of Google+ services, then having a Google+ page for your own business is something worth looking into.

Do you have a Google+ page you can share with us so we can connect? What do you think of using Google+? What has been your experience – positive or negative? Let us know in the comments below!