For those of you who watch my online shows, – The Manly Pinterest Tips Show and The Manly Show, you’ll know that I’ve been growing a beard for awhile now.  For those who are facially follicley challenged and have never had a long beard before (myself included), there are some products that are absolutely necessary to become acquainted with.  Namely beard oil.

Now I’m not talking about slapping some thick motor oil on your chin curtain and letting it drip down your face or a greasy looking mustache that looks like you went bobbing for french fries.  I’m talking about a product that helps you have softer, more manageable whiskers and that helps your beard hold its shape and smell nice at that same time.

I found a sample from a brand that I liked and fell in love with how it worked and smelled (the wife loved it too so that was a big plus).  I ordered a small bottle from an online company, and I even collected points for future orders.

After a couple of months, I ran out of the oil in the small bottle and decided to bite the bullet and order the bigger bottle.  The downslide to quality beard oil is that it is pricy, but I really liked the product so I thought it was a great investment. I say investment because as I mentioned before, the wife liked it.  End of story.

So the bottle arrived via UPS and I cracked it open for a night on the town and YIKES! This stuff smelled funky!  Not the pleasant, subtle, aroma that I was expecting but something like a small creature had crawled into the bottle and had given up the ghost–with a hint of vanilla.

Since this was way more than I usually spend on grooming products, I shot off an email to the company I purchased the beard oil from, stating that this was not the same smelling oil I had purchased from them before.  After a couple of days I received an email response from them that sometimes the sample sizes smell different from the full versions because of the concentrations of ingredients.

Seeing that I was about to start circling the drain of poor customer service, I decided to do something I had never done before.  I tracked down and contacted the actual brand (Beard Buddy) that made the oil.  This is what happened…

Within an hour I got this reply:

“Thanks for reaching out!  We have never heard this issue before, sorry for the hassle.

Go ahead and ship it to us and we will send you a new large bottle of beard oil.

A shipping label is attached for you to use.

Thanks for the support and understanding.

-Beard Buddy

NoteFromBeardBuddyTo be honest, I didn’t ship the bottle back to them right away.  But in two days I had already gotten a brand new bottle via priority mail with this following message handwritten!

“Sorry Jeff!  Here’s a fresh new bottle.  – Beard Buddy”

That my friends, is excellent customer service.  And that is why I will use Beard Buddy products for as long as I have a beard.

So what can we learn from my great beard oil adventure?

1.  Great Customer Service Is A Lost Art
We are so used to having bad customer service that when we do get great customer service, we remember it and tell others about it.

2.  A Quick Reply Stands Out
Experts are now saying that people expect a customer service request via social media to be responded to in less than 24 hours.  I know for many companies that is just not possible.  But, a small business who is quick on its feet to respond to customer requests, can set them apart from the competition.

3.  A Personal Touch Does Wonders
Just that personal touch taking the time to do a handwritten card that was placed in the box for shipping really did add a connection.  It showed to me that Beard Buddy really does care about its customers and wants to build a relationship with them.

4.  Trusting A Customer Causes Them To Trust You
The fact that I got the replacement beard oil before I sent the faulty oil back means that they trust me to do what’s right.  Beard Buddy took a chance that I could rip them off and never send in the oil, but they went ahead and sent me a replacement.  That shows that they are more concerned about the integrity of their product than the chance of loosing a few bucks on a bottle that might never be sent back.

The ordeal with Beard Buddy and their excellent customer service taught me that there still are small companies who take pride in what they do, have integrity, and really want to serve their customers.  I think it’s a lesson that we can all learn from.