Why Viral Videos Happen

Here is a short 7 minute TED talk by a member of the YouTube team.

Here are three take aways from the video that I think are important for small businesses.

The video must get the attention of tastemakers.
The video must encourage participation.
The video must be unique and/or unexpected.

Now, it’s pretty hard for a small business to get the attention of someone like Jimmy Kimmel.  But…are you getting the attention of your customers?  Are you just slapping your commercial or ad on your website?  Thinking more creatively on the videos you put on Facebook and other social media sites can go along way to engaging your customers and clients.  You may not get 3 million views, but you can generate more milage with your online videos by thinking creatively.

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Why Content is King

The goal of nearly every website owner is to make sure their site always remains relevant. In the past, that meant using search engine optimization to feed the search engines so the website gained the highest rankings possible to gain more traffic.

But in the process, quality lost out to quantity – nearly rendering the content useless, trivial, and just plain bad. Websites were stuffed needlessly with keywords and phrases within the content to optimize the page for search engines, forgetting about the reader. You know – the person you’re supposed to be informing, engaging, or educating so they become a potential customer?

That’s not to say SEO is a bad thing because when used properly, it enhances the content and does lead traffic to your site. But when used incorrectly, it creates irrelevant content which doesn’t make much sense to the average reader who is looking for answers to questions and solutions to their problems.

Instead, quality content should be written first with the intention of engaging, informing, and educating your reader about your products and services. Write your content around your keywords and phrases, include a strong call-to-action, and write about topics your readers want to know about.

When you follow this simple process, you’ll discover why content is king. People no longer want to just buy a product or service, they want an experience. They want to relate with you and connect on a personal level, and the only way to do that is to speak with them using quality content which will encourage them to do business with you.

Does that mean you need to be a prolific writer to create content? Not at all. Content means more than just the written word; it’s also […]

3 Reasons to Add Video to Your Website

Looking for a way to make your website stand out from your competition? Need a way to communicate with your readers but you’re not that great at writing content? Are you better at speaking than writing?

There’s an easy solution that’s been around awhile. It’s called video, and it’s an amazing way to communicate with your targeted audience.

Here are 3 reasons to add video to your website so you can increase traffic, engagement, and visibility:
1.  It promotes your products and services.
Most people are visual learners, and video is the perfect way to reach them with information about what you do or what you sell. You’re also tapping into a completely different avenue of content marketing. Not everyone checks out blogs or social media. Some people are strictly visual, or prefer to watch something rather than read, so having a video or a series of videos will reach a different audience than your blog might.
2.  It sets you apart from the pack.
Think about the last four or five websites you visited. Did they have a video? Set yourself apart from your competition by offering visual content. Do you offer a product that needs assembling? Provide a how-to video on your website. Are you a business consultant or coach? Offer a video training series. Instead of writing a blog post, every once in a while shoot a fun and interesting video about your topic. You’ll engage your audience in a completely different and unique way than many others.
3.  It builds your search engine results.
Google loves content – the more the better. Content comes in many forms – blog posts, images, and of course, video. When Google started adding this type of content to what it indexes and […]

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Why Should Your Blog Be a Part of Your Website?

Are you writing regular blog posts on your website? Or, have you been thinking about it? If you are writing regular blog posts, that’s great! If not, you might want to consider it. According to a recent post at Social Media Examiner, blogs outrank social media networks when it comes to influencing consumers.

In other words, having an active blog is more influential than regularly posting on Facebook or Twitter.

Why is a having a blog so important? It’s the driving force for your website. When you have a blog connected to your website, not only are you educating your customers, you’re influencing their buying decisions. It’s also a huge traffic engine for the following reasons:

Each new blog post creates a new page on your site and Google loves that. The more pages you have the higher your rankings because it bears more weight with Google.
You’re providing fresh content and Google loves that too. Plus, your visitor will stay on your site longer because of all the engaging and influential content.
The search engines will drive more traffic to your site when you have keywords and phrases in your blog posts (i.e. search engine optimization).
Blog posting makes you and your company more approachable and likeable, thus attracting repeat visitors who come back for more fresh content.
Mention your blog on your social media sites and you’ll see an increase in traffic to your blog, which will push traffic to the rest of your website.

If you’re blogging you should already see these results – unless you’re making one, huge mistake.

You’re blogging on a different domain from your website.

When your blog is separate from your website, you’re defeating the purpose of educating, informing, and influencing your visitors. You want to […]

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Google Adwords Infographic

Great article on the changing landscape of Google Adwords.  Read the full article here.

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Why Every Small Business Needs Social Media

There is absolutely no questioning that the Internet has changed the face of business worldwide. People are more connected, and have access to more information than other time in history. As online shopping and company research became more and more popular, it was necessary for businesses of all sizes to develop a presence on the web.

Now, as the online world continues to change, much of online interaction is happening by way of social media. Customers in most demographics are now interacting with one another (and the companies they shop with) through sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others. To keep up with the times, and to engage potential leads, small businesses simply must make an effort to build a presence in the social media sphere.

Here are few reasons why:


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