If you’re not using Pinterest to help with getting your blog more exposure, stop what you’re doing and go set up an account now!  It’s no exaggeration that Pinterest can easily be your number one source of traffic.  Power Pinner, Peg Fitzpatrick has said, “Pinterest pins have the longest shelf life of all social media platforms.”

So, how can Pinterest increase traffic to your blog?  Well, after you’ve pinned an image from your blog and have made sure that it’s linking back to your site correctly, it’s time to use a great tool called PinWoot.

A big hat tip to Wade Harman of www.bloggersmakemoney.com.  He was the first one to bring this tool, PinWoot, to my attention.

This tool literally has doubled the traffic to my blog posts, my follower count on Pinterest has shot up, and I’ve received a ton of likes and reshares as well.

Getting started on PinWoot

1.  Go create a free account at www.pinwoot.com.  It’s as easy as registering and verifying your email.  You can also login via Facebook, but I never recommend doing that.  I like to be in control of my account, not a 3rd party.

2.  Connect Your Pinterest Account.

3.  Fill Out Your Profile.  You can pick up to five interests and also write a short bio about yourself.

4.  Get Seeds.  By following people, liking and repining others content you receive “seeds”, PinWoot’s form of money.  By doing this, you raise enough seeds to purchase people to follow you or repin your images.

How I Doubled Traffic To My Blog Posts Over A Weekend

When I first tested this out I used two of my previous blog posts.  Don’t Tweet….Blog! and 4 Business Tips I Learned From Duck Dynasty.  I had previously posted these on Pinterest, and they received an average amount of repins and likes.  So for this experiment, I clicked on “Get Repins” an added these two pins.

Adding Pinterest pins to repin on PinWoot is really easy.  First you need to get the pin link of the pin you want to post.  Go to your Pinterest boards, click on the pin you want with the magnifying glass so it’s full screen in your browser and copy the link.  It should look something like this:  http://www.pinterest.com/pin/39265827974765288.  Paste that link into PinWoot and click “Add Pin”.  It’s that simple!

I wanted to get my blog posts in front of the most people possible so I was really interested in getting people to repin my content.  Unfortunately, they don’t have marketing or social media as one of the interests you can select in your profile, so I wasn’t getting much in my PinWoot repin stream that would interest me or my followers.

It does cost 30 seeds to add a pin and also cost seeds for every repin that a person does.  I could build up my seed count by liking pins or following others, but I really wanted to kick this experiment off quickly.  You are also limited to only pay a maximum of 4 seeds per repin with the default settings.  Under “Shop Seeds”, you can buy 100 seeds for $5 and also unlock the ability to offer more seeds per repin. So I bit the bullet and bought 200 seeds for $10.

Being able to offer a higher “payment” for repins turned out to be key.  I was getting a slow trickle of repins when I had the seed level at 4.  But when I boosted that number to 6…Watch out!.

My traffic to those two articles doubled in a day.  On checking my Pinterest analytics, my Repins went up 560%, my Impressions went up 567%, and my Reach went up 956%.  I was worried that people would be just clicking on the articles and bouncing back to Pinterest. However, the average time on the pages was 4:26 and 2:05, so I know that people were taking the time and reading the actual articles.

I’m not sure how this experiment would play out in the long term. My feeling is that traffic would drop pretty quickly after the initial “boost.”  But for me, the amount of new followers, likes, and repins was well worth the $10 price of admission.

If you’d like to give PinWoot a try, I’d love it if you would use my referrer link:  https://pinwoot.com/?r=16967  Thanks so much!

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Step by step guide on how to potentially double your traffic to your blog post by using Pinterest and a free tool called PinWoot.