Pins Of The Week

Pins Of The Day – May 2014 – Week One

Here are the “pins of the day” for the first week of May.  My Pins of the Day are on various subjects that I find on Pinterest that I curate and share across different social media platforms.

Monday’s Pin Of The Day is from +Pinterest  guru. +Peg Fitzpatrick

Pinterest is a great way to get your marketing message out to the world in a fun and unique way.  Pinterest’s pins also have the longest “shelf-life”compared to other social media networks.

Peg shares 12 ways to use Pinterest for marketing.  Here are a couple of my favorites.

1. Create boards with keywords in your title.
2.  Create vertical images to maximize your real estate. (Need help with images?  Try +Canva !)
3.  Embed pin on your blog (I do this every week with my Pins Of The Week from G+)
4.  Have a pinnable image on every post.
5.  Create collaborative boards.

Make sure you check out the entire article for all 12 tips!.



05-06-14 – How to Launch a World Class Podcast

Tuesday’s Pin Of The Day comes from +Jason T. Wiser’s  On Track Tips Hangout On Air.  On today’s show he interviews podcasting expert +Kris Gilbertson.

If you’re wondering if podcasting is right for your small business, than this HOA episode is for you.

Here’s a couple of topics that were discussed:
• Who can use podcasting for their small business?
• When is the best time to start a podcast?
• Where can I find people to listen to my podcast?

Make sure to head over to the event page and watch this great show!



05-07-14 – How To Test & Refine Your Google+ Strategy

Wednesday’s Pin Of The Day comes from +Stephan Hovnanian  writing for +The Social Media Hat.

If you know Stephan, you know that he is all about strategy in all aspects of his business.  Today he shares some great tips on how to […]

Pins Of The Day – April 28 – May 2, 2014

Newest Pins of the day from April 28 – May 2 2014.  Includes curated content discussing  design, video, branding and Instagram.

4 Ways Visual Design can Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Monday’s Pin Of The Day is from +Zach Kitschke  writing for +Social Media Examiner with a great “pinnable” image created by +Canva

This article gives some great tips on why visual branding is so important.  As mentioned in the article, “A strong visual brand helps you connect with your community and effectively convey your brand’s personality.”

The article shares that you need to:

1.  Set your color palette.
2.  Determine Your Brand Fonts
3.  Use Photo Filters
4.  Design Consistent Templates.

If you want to see a great example of someone who is doing visual branding right here on Google+, make sure you check out +Rebekah Radice’s posts.  She always does an excellent job using all the above tips IMHO.

Check out the entire article here


04-29-14 – Adding A Edited Video To Instagram

Tuesday’s Pin Of The Day is from me because I can….(cue maniacal laughter…)

Adding a video that I edited on my desktop instead of my phone is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.  There are some great apps to edit video on your phone, but I wanted to repurpose some video content that I had created for some Hangout trailers.

You can watch the +Instagram version of the Manly Show trailer here:

Here’s another funny little video that I edited and uploaded on my desktop as well:

Check out the entire tutorial here



04-30-14 – HOA Branding Tips

Wednesday’s Pin Of The Day is from my Manly Show colleague, the great +Mike Allton

In his article he gives some great tips on the how you can brand your HOA’s for maximum effect.

A couple of tips:
• Use a branded HOA banner photo
• Make a HOA teaser video that fits your brand.
• […]

Pins Of The Day – April 2014 – Week Four

Here are the “pins of the day” for the fourth week of April. Highlighting a  different pin of the day from Pinterest and sharing it into various social media platforms.

04-21-14 – Should I Use A Social Media Profile Or Page?

Monday’s Pin Of The Day comes from my friend +Mike Allton  who tackles one of the most asked questions about social media.

Profile or Page?

Mike makes a great point that it’s not as cut and dried as some so-called “gurus” make it to be.  He gives a list of questions to help with the decision on branding your social media account as your business or as yourself.

Mike discusses topics like:
• Business Size
• Your Products or Services
• Time You Can Commit

Mike even gives insight on how he personally runs his profiles and pages.  Make sure your head to his website and check out the entire article.


04-22-14 – Google Plus Marketing: The Pull & Push

Tuesday’s Pin Of The Day comes from my friend +Wade Harman who writes a great article on how to craft your branding message on Google+

Some key points in the article:
•  The difference between Marketing and Branding
•  What is Push Marketing?
•  What is Pull Marketing?

This article is a must read if you are struggling with gaining traction on Google+.  You maybe “pushing” your message early and in the wrong direction.  Make sure to read his article for the full details here:

04-23-14 – 12 Most Powerhouse Habits of Social Media Pros

Wednesday’s Pin Of The Day is from +Becky Gaylord writing for +12 Most

She shares some of the habits the pros do when it comes to social media.

Here are a couple of my favorites:
•  Help – To me, Google+ is the most helpful social media platform there is.
•  Thank – This can work wonders.  Thank people who share your […]

Pins Of The Day – April 2014 – Week Two – Manly Tips

Here are the pins of the day for the second week of April 2014.  For this week I chose pins that  I believed men would find interesting.  Pinterest is viewed for a platform that is mostly for women.  They do outnumber the men, but  there are tons of interesting boards that men would find interesting.  Here are some great “Manly” pins that I found:

04-07-14 – 34 Things You Can Cook On A Campfire

Monday’s Pin Of The Day comes from +BuzzFeed Community

It’s getting warmer here in Texas and some great camping weekends are starting to shape up.

One of the things we look forward most when we camp is cooking over an open fire.  Here is a great roundup of camping recipes that you’ll love to try!

04-08-14 – WD-40 Survival Guide

Tuesday”s Pin Of The Day comes from WD-40. Every man should have a can in his garage.

Did you know you could remove paint with WD-40?

My uncle actually sprays it on his elbow because he says it helps with his arthritis. Of course, he’s well lubricated most days anyway if you get my meaning…

What are some strange uses you’ve seen with WD-40?


04-09-14 – What Every Man Ought To Know About Focus

Wednesday’s Manly Pin Of The Day comes from +Art of Manliness

Great article on improving your focus.  Some benefits of learning to manage your attention are:

•  Improves relationships
•  Boosts resilience
•  Increases happiness
•  Increases creativity
•  Deepens our wisdom
•  Improves our critical thinking
•  Gives us more flourishing and enjoyable life


 04-10-14 – Altoids Tin Survival Kit

Thursday’s edition of the Manly #PinOfTheDay

This Pin Of The Day comes from one of my favorite +Pinterest  boards simply titled Zombie Survival.

Here is everything you need to know to create your own survival kit just using a empty Altoids tin.


04-11-14 -Manly Pinterest Tip #1 – Secret Boards For Your Daughter

This the Pin that […]

Pins Of The Day – April 2014 – Week One

Here are the pins of the day for the first week of April, 2014

03-31-14 – Find Your Ideal Client & Get Them To Buy

Monday’s’s Pin Of The Day comes from Jason T. Wiser’s On Track Tips Hangout On Air.  On today’s show he interviews Andrea Vahl

This interview was full of great tips on finding out who is your ideal client, where to find them, and how to convert them.

Here’s a couple of topics that were discussed:
•What can you do to get immediate customers?
•Why it’s sometimes important to go “offline”.
•Why it’s important to help the client first.


Pin Of The Day – 04-01-14 – April Fools’ Day

This is a prank I’d love to try, but I really don’t want to have to sleep on the couch for the rest of the year.  Braver men than me will have to try.


Pin Of The Day – 04-02-14 – Better Images for Pinterest = Big Google Payoff
Wednesday’s Pin Of The Day comes from Cynthia Sanchez  from Oh So Pinteresting Podcast.  This episode includes a great interview with Vernon Ross on the importance of creating great images.

Cynthia’s podcast is a must listen for anyone who is interested in using Pinterest to it’s greatest potential.  She’s also active on Google+ so make sure she’s in your circles.

Here’s a couple of topics that were discussed in this episode:
•How to link Google Plus to Pinterest
•Creating pinnable images with free tools.
•How Pinterest is changing web design.


Pin Of The Day – 04-03-14 – Why Ignoring Pinterest Group Boards Is A Costly Mistake

Thursday’s Pin Of The Day comes from Anna Bennett writing for Viraltag

Anna shares that one of the fastest ways to get more content and build followers is to join and create group boards on Pinterest.

Reasons to use group boards:
• Increases your number of followers immediately.
• It brings people together creating a sense of community.
• Helps your […]