The Manly Show – Reusing, Recycling, and Repurposing

While most of us spend a whole lot of our lives creating the content that drives folks to our various online efforts, few take the time to consider new ways to reuse and repurpose all of that awesome content.

Have no fear, content creators, because joining us for the June 26 episode of The Manly Show is the one and only Jason T. Wiser, host of the HOA/video podcast series “Get on Track, Stay on Track’”and master of repurposing content.

Wiser knows what he’s talking about, heading the digital strategy consulting firm Webination Station, which specializes in helping small businesses, churches, and various NPOs make the move from purely brick and mortar operations to building an online presence.

With a focus on digital assists (website, social media profiles, SEO, local business directories, email marketing, video, and podcasts), Wiser is also launching, a website dedicated to developing training modules for content creators – as well as the Virtual Assistants that will take advantage of various repurposing strategies.

Joining Wiser are The Manly Show regulars Mike Allton, Wade Harmon, Stephan Hovanian, and myself, Jeff Sieh.

On this episode, we delve into what repurposed content actually is, when you should do it, how to repurpose for various social media platforms, and how often you should do it, among other aspects of repurposing.

Here is a list of questions we discussed:

What is repurposing content? What does it actually mean? (2:10)
How often should we repurpose content? (3:21)
Once you do a Hangouts On Air, how do you repurpose it? (5:15)
On particular services (such as Google+), how often should you repurpose content? (11:55)
How much do you council a client to re-share their material? (18:55)
How do you repurpose content for a different audience, and is it worth […]

Image Is Everything – An Interview with Peg Fitzpatrick

We dared to take on the topic of graphics, visual marketing, and image creation on the May 29 episode of The Manly Show.

And who better to help take us through that labyrinth than the eternally effervescent and always informative Peg Fitzpatrick?

Peg is head of social strategy at Canva – an innovative, online graphic design tool enthusiastically touted by the company’s Chief Evangelist, Guy Kawasaki (our guest on the May 15th edition of The Manly Show).  Peg is an expert on using social media as a marketing platform. She is currently co-authoring a book with Kawasaki called The Art of Social Media.

Peg is also the director of marketing and social media manager for Kreussler Inc., and has contributed to two books, What the Plus! Google+ for the Rest of Us, and APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur — How to Publish a Book.

She even has time to be the editor-in-chief for the site 12 Most, a community of influential writers and business leaders who offer perspectives and solutions on business, social media, and just about everything else under the sun.

Peg had to face a gauntlet of questions from Manly Show regulars Mike Allton, Wade Harman, and Stephan Hovnanian.

In this episode, we explored the importance of social media imaging, and focused on practical tips and strategies you can use in your own social media presentation to instantly improve how you come across (at least visually) to others online.

Here is a list of questions we discussed:

What exactly does the head of social strategy do at Canva? (2:40)
How many people are at Canva? Do you manage your own Canva team? (4:57)
For someone who has been using social media for a while, what is the next step? What are some baby […]

The Manly Show – A Guy’s Mind – With Guy Kawasaki

On May 15th, we enthusiastically welcomed brand evangelist Guy Kawasaki to the The Manly Show, and it isn’t a stretch to say he was as entertaining and informative as everyone expected.

In case you’ve been living under a rock or something, Kawasaki has had an incredibly long and fascinating career, working as an advisor to Motorola’s business unit of Google and as “chief evangelist” for Apple, among other things. Kawasaki is a published author, and is generally considered one of the most influential and engaging figures on the Internet. Kawasaki is currently the chief evangelist for Canva, an innovative online graphic design tool.

Peppering Kawasaki with questions are The Manly Show regulars Mike Allton, Wade Harman, Stephan Hovnanian, and Les Dossey.

We covered a lot of ground in this episode, devoting much of the time to finding a balance between work and family, whether or not Kawasaki’s family takes an interest in what does for a living, and the steps Kawasaki takes to protect the identities of his two young children.

We also discussed Kawasaki’s fondness for hockey and the importance of hobbies, whether or not to focus on followers over brands when posting to social media, and we learned more about Kawasaki’s new venture, Canva.

We even got an exclusive insight into what it takes to get Kawasaki to “circle” you on Google+, and we learned the three apps Kawasaki prizes above all others.

Here is a list of questions we discussed.

How do you balance work and family? (4:06)
How important is it to have a hobby? (19:14)
Has Guy Kawasaki taken time off during the day for hockey all his life?
If you were just starting out, what’s the one thing you would do to market and promote yourself? (22:15)
Do your […]

The Manly Show-The Rebranding Episode

May 1st saw the premier of my newly rebranded HOA show, The Manly Show, so what better time to take on the topic of rebranding?

Joining the fun for the inaugural The Manly Show were Mike Alton, Stephan Hovanian, and Wade Harman, with special guest Mia Voss.

Mia is a Denver-based business owner with plenty on her plate. In 2001, she started an architectural and development inspection business, TMC Services, which is still in existence. Years later, she spearheaded a strategy consulting business, The Mia Connect.

How she got from A to B is quite a story.

In 2010, Mia became involved with CRAVE, a national group that supports and promotes women-owned businesses in local communities. CRAVE lit a fire in her belly to serve her community, and The Mia Connect is her attempt at extending the CRAVE philosophy to connect all Denver business owners.

Mia hosts HOA shows The Mia Connect  and What’s Your Story?

In this first episode of The Manly Show, Mia and the rest of the gang help me tackle the rebranding concept, looking at what rebranding is, why you should do it, and when is the optimal time to actually go through with it.

We also touched on issues like how to “listen” to what is being said online about you and your brand. We also looked at a few large companies that have gotten the rebranding thing right, and some that have gotten it wrong.

Here is a list of questions we discussed:

What is rebranding? (4:08)
What are some brands that, like Old Spice, have successfully rebranded their images? (4:59)
(Question to Stephan Hovnanian) What was it like rebranding your own Google Hangout show? (5:46)
What about the brands that have taken things in a new direction? (7:32)
Were you […]

How To Add An Edited Video To Instagram

I’ve loved the idea of Instagram videos and Vine but have been hesitant to use them.  Coming from a video editing background, I wanted the control that editing on my desktop computer gave me.  Some of the tools available on your phone can be pretty powerful, but I’ve wanted to repurpose sequences I’ve already created for YouTube.  Specifically, Google Hangouts On Air trailers that I could shorten for Instagram.

I decided on  Instagram since it does allow you 15 seconds of video compared to Vine’s 6 seconds.  You can chew up seconds really fast when you trying to put sequences together.

I found a really great tutorial on The settings for Adobe Premier worked perfectly.  Make sure to check out this article for all the details.

Below is the sequence I used to upload an edited video from Adobe Premier Pro CS6 to Instagram, the settings should be similar on other video editing systems.

1.  Create a new project in Premier.  Open Premier and click on New Video Project.  I always create a separate folder to collect all the different assets of a project in.  Video, sound, etc.


2.  Create a new sequence.  Select Digital SLR>1080P>DSLR 1080p. 30  DO NOT CLICK OK!

3.  Select the “Settings” tap at the top.  It should be the second one, and choose the following options.

– Editing Mode:DSLR

– Timebase:  29.97 Frames/Second

– Frame Size:  640 Horizontal 640 Vertical 1:1

– Pixel Aspect Ratio: Square Pixels (1.0)

– Fields:  No Fields (Progressive Scan)

– Display Frame 30:fps Drop-Frame Timecode

– Audio Sample Rate:  44100 Hz

– Display Format:  Audio Samples

– Video Previews: Width 640 Height 640

I went ahead and saved this a preset so I didn’t have to come in and enter the settings a second time.  If you think you’ll be […]

Using Pinterest More Effectively with Chef Dennis Littley

A power-packed line up, consisting of Les Dossey, Wade Harman, Stephan Hovnanian, Mike Allton, and myself sat down in January with Chef Dennis Littley for my Google+ HOA show, Manly Pinterest Tips, to discuss the ins-and-outs of Pinterest and how it can help food bloggers and other folks interested in social media.

Littley fell in love with cooking at a young age, and now you can read about his many gastronomic adventures at his appropriately named blog A Culinary Journey with Chef Dennis at

Chef Dennis started blogging in 2009, with the intention of helping his culinary students. He quickly found out, though, that his ‘Real Food for Real People’ mantra struck a cord with people all around the world.

Since then, Chef Dennis has embraced social media, particularly Google+ and Pinterest, hosting shows like Good Day Google Plus and The Bloggers Guide to Using Google+ Effectively, as well as a appearing on several of his colleagues’ shows, including mine.

In this episode of Manly Pinterest Tips, I discussed with Chef Dennis and the rest of the panel the many uses of Pinterest, especially for food bloggers.  We went over how to drive traffic to your site using Pinterest, how to get photos of food dishes to look as good as they taste, and why it is a good idea to post vertical photos on Pinterest.

We also touched on some changes coming to Pinterest, including rich pins and the new related pins feature.

Here is a list of questions we discussed:

What do you use Pinterest for? How do you use it in your food blogging? (1:41)
Where does Pinterest rate in driving traffic? (2:24)
Do you take all the pictures of your food dishes? Are there tricks to making it […]

Stewart, Storytelling, and Stunning Social Media

So, what exactly makes a good story?  Watch the video below and we’ll continue the conversation after.

Wow!  What a poem by Jimmy Stewart.  I wanted to use that video as an example. To me, that poem included everything that makes a great story.

The reasons this video is so powerful because:

It is humorous.
It is compelling.
It is personal.
It has an emotional connection.
It is memorable.

Great stores use humor.
“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people” – Victor Borge

Using humor in a story can break down walls between yourself and your audience.   A humorous story at the start of your presentation can put the audience at ease.  Something about laughter can disarm preconceived notions that one may have about your writing or your presentation.  Humor also can add contrast to your story later.

In the video, you’ll notice Jimmy Stewart starts with humorous facts about his dog that gets the audience involved and listening.  He jokes about how his dog was a real “man-eater”, and how the delivery boy was his favorite prey.  This laughter sets up the contrast for the ending of the story.

Being able to use a humorous story in your article or blog post can be a effective way to draw readers in and  help  connecting them to your main point.  Telling a “this happened to me” funny story can be a great way to introduce a point and also personalize yourself to your audience.

Using humor in your in social media can be tricky business.  Trying to be funny in 140 characters on Twitter is an art form.  You can show a little of your funny bone on social media.  People want to interact with a person rather than a brand.  Make sure your posts are […]

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    Email Marketing with Stephan Hovnanian and Wade Harman [VIDEO]

Email Marketing with Stephan Hovnanian and Wade Harman [VIDEO]

Stephan Hovnanian and I were on Wade Harman’s Google+ HOA show, Relationship Marketing, where the three of us discussed the importance of being trustworthy and creating personal relationships with your email subscriber base.

Wade, who now blogs at, has a very interesting work history. Before he became a blogger, social media marketer and HOA show host, Wade was a coal miner in Southwestern Virginia, where he worked six days a week deep underground using a machine called a ‘scoop’.

A few years ago, he was injured on the job, and needed a find a new source of income. The rest, they say, is history.

In our time together, Stephan, Wade, and I went over how we manage our email lists, how we engage and build relationships with those who opt-in, where to locate opt-ins among your content, and how to grow and maintain your list.

Here’s a list of questions we discussed:

Why should you try to have a personal relationship with people who opt-in to your email list? (4:15)
How do you set up your blog for emails? What kind of opt-in techniques work best? (9:10)
Why did Stephan decide to put his email opt-in below his posts? (10:53)
What types of people respond to the free offers we use to get them to join our email lists? Are they responsive later? (13:06)
Why should you have a dedicated landing page for email subscriptions? (15:42)
Are exclusive offers useful to drive signups? (17:03)
Do you purge your email list? (19:35).
What’s the secret to growing email lists? (19:57)
Once you get people to opt-in to your email list, how do you build trust with them in your messages to them? (20:38)
What are some writing tips to help build relationships? (25:17)
Do you change your headline every […]

Become The Biggest Reuser

Repurposing is what turned a failed product at 3M into one of its biggest successes.

You may know the story:  3M developed a not-so-sticky adhesive for use on bulletin boards, a product idea that really never sold well.  Arthur Fry, a 3M chemist, didn’t give up on the glue that was used, and kept trying it for other uses.  One Sunday, Fry was singing in his church choir and dropped the bookmark from his hymnal.  He realized that his failed adhesive could be used to keep little notes and bookmarks in their place.  Instead of sticking the adhesive to a bulletin board, they could put it on a piece of paper and stick it anywhere.
With this great idea for repurposing, the legendary Post-It Note was born.
As business owners, content creators, producers, and creatives I believe it’s going to be more and more important to figure out how to repurpose each piece of content we create.

The days of creating a killer video or a piece of content that will be shared over and over are gone.  If they do happen, it’s going to be few and far between because the shelf  life for content is growing smaller and smaller.  For small businesses to survive, they must brainstorm and learn the best way to reuse each piece of content.

For example, take this trailer I created for The Manly Pinterest Tips Show.  When I first released it, people were blown away;  they re-shared it even if they weren’t interested in Pinterest.  However, since I first released it, engagement has dropped off and comments have dried up.

A few years ago, that trailer would probably have been good for a whole season of an Internet show.  But with all the great content coming out today, it’s […]

The Death Of Captain Underpants

Just like that, Captain Underpants is dead, never to be see again. And yes, I was Captain Underpants.

Let me explain.  I used wake up in the morning, stretch, and head off to start the coffee.  Once my bloodstream was sufficiently caffeinated, I’d sit at the kitchen table and do work on my laptop.

When my kids eventually woke up, they really thought it was funny to see Dad sitting at the table with his boxers and T-shirt working on the computer.  Hence the moniker, Captain Underpants.

So why is Captain Underpants dead?  What has changed?  Well, Google Hangouts is what happened.

For those of you who don’t know, Google Hangouts is an instant messaging and video chat platform which includes both desktop and mobile versions.  All of that is great, but the real killer is the video conference capabilities.

Gone are the days where I can sit at the table and work without a care for what I look like.  Gone are the days where a morning shower isn’t necessary, and a baseball cap is part of my uniform.  Captain Underpants is truly dead.  Now, in any given moment, a client may request a video chat to ask for help with a problem.  Or I may be watching a Google Hangout On Air (more on that in a minute), and the host may ask that I leave the audience and be part of the show. It truly has changed the way that I work.

Not that I’m complaining.  Ever since I’ve started using Google Hangouts, my networking has gone through the roof.  If you have never been involved in a Hangout before, it’s hard to describe how much a face-to-face video call can tell you about another person.  I’ve […]