Stephan Hovnanian and I were on Wade Harman’s Google+ HOA show, Relationship Marketing, where the three of us discussed the importance of being trustworthy and creating personal relationships with your email subscriber base.

Wade, who now blogs at, has a very interesting work history. Before he became a blogger, social media marketer and HOA show host, Wade was a coal miner in Southwestern Virginia, where he worked six days a week deep underground using a machine called a ‘scoop’.

A few years ago, he was injured on the job, and needed a find a new source of income. The rest, they say, is history.

In our time together, Stephan, Wade, and I went over how we manage our email lists, how we engage and build relationships with those who opt-in, where to locate opt-ins among your content, and how to grow and maintain your list.

Here’s a list of questions we discussed:

  1. Why should you try to have a personal relationship with people who opt-in to your email list? (4:15)
  2. How do you set up your blog for emails? What kind of opt-in techniques work best? (9:10)
  3. Why did Stephan decide to put his email opt-in below his posts? (10:53)
  4. What types of people respond to the free offers we use to get them to join our email lists? Are they responsive later? (13:06)
  5. Why should you have a dedicated landing page for email subscriptions? (15:42)
  6. Are exclusive offers useful to drive signups? (17:03)
  7. Do you purge your email list? (19:35).
  8. What’s the secret to growing email lists? (19:57)
  9. Once you get people to opt-in to your email list, how do you build trust with them in your messages to them? (20:38)
  10. What are some writing tips to help build relationships? (25:17)
  11. Do you change your headline every time you send out a new email? (26:49)
  12. Plugin popups at the bottom of posts? (28:35)
  13. How important is testing? (30:30)
  14. Considering so many people are accessing their email on a mobile device, is it a good idea to write short lines of text in emails? (31:20)
  15. What’s coming up next? (33:40)

“Don’t get anxious about thinking how hard it’s going to be.  It will be hard, but if I can do it, then anyone can.” 

Wade Harman


Click here to read Wade’s blog. Find Wade on Google+ at +WadeHarman, on Twitter at @makemyblogmoney, on Pinterest at blogger32, and on LinkedIn at wade-h/46/b72/764.