One of the questions that I get asked after recommending that someone give Google+ a try is “How do I get started?”  The biggest problem is not setting up an account but in finding people to follow or “circle”.  Google+ is unlike other social platforms in that it allows you to place people in different “circles.”  For example I may have a circle for “friends” , “business contacts” or “family.”  Once people are added to a circle, their posts will show up in your home stream or by clicking on that circle in the circle navigation bar on the top of the Google+ interface.   Unlike Facebook, circles are not automatically reciprocated.  If I circle you there is no obligation by you to circle me back.  So the key is to find and circle people who are interesting to you and your business.

So to help new users get started, there is a list below of the top Google+ Influencers and Educators.  Many of these people I have circled personally and read and comment on their posts daily.  All of them have helpful posts on Google+.

My recommendation to you is to create a circle called “Influencers” or something similar and browse through this list below and add people who interest you to that circle.  That way, you’ll start your Google+ journey with helpful, engaging users streamed to your home feed daily.

Thanks to +Mike Allton for putting this list together.

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Mike Allton Mike Allton
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Top Google+ Influencers & Educators

Click through to each individual's Google+ profile and add them to one of your Circles.

If you would like to nominate someone else that should be included on this list, even yourself, click on Add To List and past in their profile URL.


Aug 17, 2013 by Kyla Myers - - 4802
Carter Gibson

Carter Gibson - CEO of The LittleBigFund | Community Manager | Accidental LGBT activist | Beer drinker | Dog lover | Gay techie - Community Manager / CEO at LittleBigFund - The LittleBigFund - San Francisco, CA - Hey! I'm Carter and I'm fascinated with how people interact with each other through technology.

Aug 16, 2013 - - 4553
Amanda Blain

Amanda Blain - Geek Girl, CEO, Social Media Speaker, Code Monkey, Gamer, and Entrepreneur - CEO, Code Monkey and Geek Girl - Girlfriend Social - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - I am a Geek Girl, Canadian, CEO and Coder of Girlfriend Social which is the biggest female-only, for friendship social networking site available in USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

Aug 16, 2013 - - 4651
Yifat Cohen

Yifat Cohen - ❤❤ Your G+GoTo Gal: Google+ Marketing and coaching. - Google+ marketing, Google Plus expert, Social media, Mobile marketing go-to gal, Mother, Friend, Lover, Thrills seeker, Movie-goer, Life-lover - ❤❤ Your social media, Google Plus Marketing go-to gal. *Join my Hangouts every Thurs.

Aug 16, 2013 - - 4349
Martin Shervington

martin shervington - Plus Your Life and Business! - Consultancy, Speaking, Coaching - Speaker, Consultant, Interviewer, with a little stand-up comedy thrown in! - Wales - Speaker, Consultant, Author, Professional Coach, Marketing Psychologist.

Aug 16, 2013 - - 4200
Denis Labelle

Denis Labelle - Google + Business

Aug 16, 2013 - - 4650
Mark Traphagen

Mark Traphagen - Director of Digital Outreach at Virante : Social Media | Google+ | Content Marketing - Director of Digital Outreach: Social Media Marketing - Google+ Marketing - Content Marketing - SEO - Organic Link Building - Virante Inc.

Aug 16, 2013 - - 4348
Mike Elgan

Mike Elgan - The world's only lovable technology writer. - Writer, columnist and blogger - Elgan Media Inc. - Florence, Italy - I Live On Google+! After 10 years of blogging with conventional blogging sites and services, I abandoned that approach a year ago and started blogging on Google+.

Aug 18, 2013 by Eli Fennell - - 4347
Daria Musk

Daria Musk - Girl. Singer/Songwriter. Crashing The Party. Laughing In The Face of The Lion. - Singer/Songwriter, Performer, Recording Artist - - Connecticut - Hi, I'm Daria. I'm musician fueled by the effervescent pop of the universe, the rock of planet earth & the love in your heart. Singer/Songwriter.

Aug 16, 2013 - - 3948
Jaana Nyström

Jaana Nyström - Google+ helper & entrepreneur. Google+ TC and community manager. - Google+ enthusiast, coach, blogger, consultant. - Social Media entrepreneur. Google+ Discuss TC. - Jyväskylä, Finland - New to Google+?Circle this page: Google+ Helper Here is the Google+ Helper Community: All welcome! Lots of good advice for newcomers and even for old hands.

Aug 16, 2013 by Denise Wakeman - - 4346
Ronnie Bincer

Ronnie Bincer - The Hangout Helper: Video Content Marketing, YouTube & Google+... I can help! (Video SEO and more) - Marketing Deployment, VSEO, SEO, Hangouts (HOA) Consulting, Strategy, Optimization & Technical Guidance/Support - The Hangout Helper, Hangout & HOA Coaching, Video SEO, YouTube Tips, Google+ Tips, Google Plus Strategies, HOA Production, HOA Moderation - Colorado Springs CO - Video Content Hangouts & HOA Coaching/Production, Video SEO, YouTube Tips, Google+ Tips - Nice Guy, Good Teacher, Great Coach!

Aug 16, 2013 by Denise Wakeman - - 4496
Chris Lang

Chris Lang - Internet Marketing Conversion Specialist - Internet Marketing - Google Plus Jedi - Denver, Colorado - The School of Hard Knocks - Get the latest Tips, Tricks and Breaking Google+ News here on The Google+ Marketing Newsletter: I think of myself as a guy who understood nothing, until there was nothing to left to

Aug 16, 2013 - - 4097
Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki - I share enchanting stuff. All the time. In large quantities. - Author and enchanter. - Motorola - Author of APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur--How to Publish a Book, What the Plus!

Aug 20, 2013 by Andrij Harasewych - - 4646
Andrij "Andrew" Harasewych

I currently live in Philadelphia, PA (near the Art Museum) and am married to the love of my life, Joanna Guastavino Harasewych whom I met ten years ago as a freshman at Drexel (before transferring to Villanova).

Although I ended up graduating from Villanova University with a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, a side passion of mine for the past decade has been business and marketing. After three years of working full time as a mechanical engineer, and part time as a freelancer, success in my freelance work motivated me to alter my path and focus fully on developing my business, Socialize Me, which, as it turns out, means focusing on other people's businesses!

Aug 16, 2013 - - 3547
Robert Scoble

As Startup Liaison for Rackspace, the Open Cloud Computing Company, Scoble travels the world looking for what's happening on the bleeding edge of technology for Rackspace's startup program.

Aug 19, 2013 by Moritz Tolxdorff - - 4894
Moritz Tolxdorff

Moritz Tolxdorff - Community Manager DE - I make support more social - Google - Dublin, Ireland - [DE]Community Specialist für Deutschland. Support für Google+, Chrome, Google Maps und Hangouts.Betreuung des Top-Beitragenden Programms [EN]Community Specialist for GermanySupport for Google+,

Aug 16, 2013 - - 4744
Stephan Hovnanian

New Google Plus cover photo design: If you are looking for a professionally-designed, marketing-focused Google Plus Cover graphic for your Business Page, head over to . Why hire me, when you can simply select a pretty photo? Because the cover graphic gives you a chance to market yourself everywhere on Google+.

Aug 16, 2013 - - 4297
Dustin W. Stout

Dustin W. Stout - Social. Web. Strategy. Design. - Social Media Consultant, Web Designer, Blogger, Strategist. - - Canyon Country, CA - I am a web designer, branding enthusiast, blogger and social media junkie. Creativity is my fuel, social media is my game, and Jesus is my homie.

Aug 16, 2013 - - 3897
Peg Fitzpatrick

Hi! I'm Peg - nice to meet you! I'm here sharing my professional experience working day to day in the trenches of social media and blogging. I work with a global brand and leaders in the social media sphere every day.

Aug 16, 2013 - - 4947
Mike Allton

I love to help small businesses and organizations that are interested in using the Internet more effectively. I provide a comprehensive set of consulting services, which include Social Media, Blogging, website development, SEO and Internet marketing. Suggested Circles Social Media News Content Marketing Information Blogging Tips Technology Discussion Background I started my own website design firm in 2007 when I moved to St.

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Elaine Lindsay

Elaine Lindsay - Find me @ the corner of Search & Social ♦ Let's hangout♦ Google+ Evangelist - Partner TROOL Social Media | Social Media Marketing Consultant | Social Business Speaker| Trainer |Google+ Evangelist |Social Media Maven | Relationship Marketing|| - TROOL Social Media | Social Media Consultant| Marketing | Trainer |Google+ Evangelist |Relationship Marketing| Speaker| Local Marketing Strategist |Social Media Maven ♥ PollyAnna ♥ Love to Schmooze♥ Join ME: || | Ottawa| Hello!

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David Amerland

I am a digital nomad. I have, over the last three years spent time in twelve countries and two continents making airports and hotel rooms more of a constant, for me, than home. The one stability in all this is Google+ where I can be found, time allowing, on most days.

Aug 16, 2013 - - 3546
Sarah Hill

Sarah Hill - I Hangout with Heroes #humanmedia - Reporter +Veterans United Network - Veterans United Network - Columbia, MO - 12 time Emmy award winning reporter for the Veterans United Network, the broadcast channel for Veterans United. This is my personal account. Opinions my own. I also freelance at KOMU-TV .

Aug 16, 2013 - - 3846
Jesse Wojdylo

Jesse Wojdylo - Content Marketing, Social Media and SEO Consultant - Read. Write. Web. Then Golf. - Wojdylo Finance - Chapel Hill, NC - Many have realized that traditional SEO is dead. Social media sharing and Google Panda and Penguin have changed almost everything.

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Ayoub Khote

Ayoub Khote - Philosophically Deviant - IT Manager, Writer, Photographer - dotConnect - Leicester, England - About Me I'm a writer, I dabble in photography, cooking, and playing guitar. I usually run IT departments as either manager or head of tech. I like doing it because it's cranial work.

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Thomas Morffew

Thomas Morffew - communities and things. - Consultant - Google - Devon, UK - Consultant who knows a fair bit about Google products and services, especially Google+, Chrome and Android. I'm currently working with Google to help build communities as well as managing a few of my