We dared to take on the topic of graphics, visual marketing, and image creation on the May 29 episode of The Manly Show.

And who better to help take us through that labyrinth than the eternally effervescent and always informative Peg Fitzpatrick?

Peg is head of social strategy at Canva – an innovative, online graphic design tool enthusiastically touted by the company’s Chief Evangelist, Guy Kawasaki (our guest on the May 15th edition of The Manly Show).  Peg is an expert on using social media as a marketing platform. She is currently co-authoring a book with Kawasaki called The Art of Social Media.

Peg is also the director of marketing and social media manager for Kreussler Inc., and has contributed to two books, What the Plus! Google+ for the Rest of Us, and APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur — How to Publish a Book.

She even has time to be the editor-in-chief for the site 12 Most, a community of influential writers and business leaders who offer perspectives and solutions on business, social media, and just about everything else under the sun.

Peg had to face a gauntlet of questions from Manly Show regulars Mike Allton, Wade Harman, and Stephan Hovnanian.

In this episode, we explored the importance of social media imaging, and focused on practical tips and strategies you can use in your own social media presentation to instantly improve how you come across (at least visually) to others online.

Here is a list of questions we discussed:

  1. What exactly does the head of social strategy do at Canva? (2:40)
  2. How many people are at Canva? Do you manage your own Canva team? (4:57)
  3. For someone who has been using social media for a while, what is the next step? What are some baby steps people can take to bring their social media to the next level? (5:55)
  4. What are your top tips for non-graphic designers who want to make eye-popping graphics for social media or blog posts? (9:08)
  5. Will Canva be releasing templates for other social media platforms beyond what they already have for Facebook? (14:50)
  6. What is your take in using templates to achieve a consistent look? (15:51)
  7. Does Canva have a strategy to help people who don’t get (and don’t have the skill) to see the importance of visual marketing? (20:46)
  8. What is the best way to cross-promote your images? (26:09)
  9. What are some sites you use for color inspiration? (29:37)

“If you are a person with a limited amount of time, don’t try to do every social media platform. Pick what you can do the best on, and be really great there.”

– Peg Fitzpatrick


Click here to read Peg’s blog. Find Peg on Google+, on Twitter, on Pinterest, on LinkedIn, and on Facebook.