The Manly Show- A Guy's Mind - With Special Guest Guy KawasakiOn May 15th, we enthusiastically welcomed brand evangelist Guy Kawasaki to the The Manly Show, and it isn’t a stretch to say he was as entertaining and informative as everyone expected.

In case you’ve been living under a rock or something, Kawasaki has had an incredibly long and fascinating career, working as an advisor to Motorola’s business unit of Google and as “chief evangelist” for Apple, among other things. Kawasaki is a published author, and is generally considered one of the most influential and engaging figures on the Internet. Kawasaki is currently the chief evangelist for Canva, an innovative online graphic design tool.

Peppering Kawasaki with questions are The Manly Show regulars Mike Allton, Wade Harman, Stephan Hovnanian, and Les Dossey.

We covered a lot of ground in this episode, devoting much of the time to finding a balance between work and family, whether or not Kawasaki’s family takes an interest in what does for a living, and the steps Kawasaki takes to protect the identities of his two young children.

We also discussed Kawasaki’s fondness for hockey and the importance of hobbies, whether or not to focus on followers over brands when posting to social media, and we learned more about Kawasaki’s new venture, Canva.

We even got an exclusive insight into what it takes to get Kawasaki to “circle” you on Google+, and we learned the three apps Kawasaki prizes above all others.

Here is a list of questions we discussed.

  1. How do you balance work and family? (4:06)
  2. How important is it to have a hobby? (19:14)
  3. Has Guy Kawasaki taken time off during the day for hockey all his life?
  4. If you were just starting out, what’s the one thing you would do to market and promote yourself? (22:15)
  5. Do your family and friends have a good idea what you do for a living? (26:43)
  6. As you become more visible, how do you handle how much the public knows about your family? (28:20)
  7. As a brand evangelist, what is more important when you post to social media: a focus on followers or a focus on the brand?
  8. What is a chief evangelist? (39:48)
  9. What are some details about Canva? (39:49)
  10. What does it take to get “circled” by Guy Kawasaki on Google+? (44:41)
  11. Guy Kawasaki, you only get three apps on your phone. Which ones do you choose? (45:01)


 “I can be accused of many things, but I don’t take myself too seriously.” – Guy Kawasaki



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