May 1st saw the premier of my newly rebranded HOA show, The Manly Show, so what better time to take on the topic of rebranding?

Joining the fun for the inaugural The Manly Show were Mike Alton, Stephan Hovanian, and Wade Harman, with special guest Mia Voss.

Mia is a Denver-based business owner with plenty on her plate. In 2001, she started an architectural and development inspection business, TMC Services, which is still in existence. Years later, she spearheaded a strategy consulting business, The Mia Connect.

How she got from A to B is quite a story.

In 2010, Mia became involved with CRAVE, a national group that supports and promotes women-owned businesses in local communities. CRAVE lit a fire in her belly to serve her community, and The Mia Connect is her attempt at extending the CRAVE philosophy to connect all Denver business owners.

Mia hosts HOA shows The Mia Connect  and What’s Your Story?

In this first episode of The Manly Show, Mia and the rest of the gang help me tackle the rebranding concept, looking at what rebranding is, why you should do it, and when is the optimal time to actually go through with it.

We also touched on issues like how to “listen” to what is being said online about you and your brand. We also looked at a few large companies that have gotten the rebranding thing right, and some that have gotten it wrong.

Here is a list of questions we discussed:

  1. What is rebranding? (4:08)
  2. What are some brands that, like Old Spice, have successfully rebranded their images? (4:59)
  3. (Question to Stephan Hovnanian) What was it like rebranding your own Google Hangout show? (5:46)
  4. What about the brands that have taken things in a new direction? (7:32)
  5. Were you worried about losing viewers or customers when you made a change in branding? (9:06)
  6. Why should you rebrand? (10:52)
  7. How can you ensure that your audience comes with you during the rebranding? (15:40)
  8. When is the right time? (17:13)
  9. What are some ways to “listen” on social media? (18:37)
  10. Can you please everyone with your rebranding? (21:46)
  11. When deciding to rebrand, what are some of the things to look for? (26:06)

“My two biggest phrases… are niche and saturation… sometimes people rebrand because what you are doing is (in) a saturated market. That’s what I did.”

– Mia Voss


Click here to read Mia’s blog. Find Mia on Google+ at +MiaVoss, on Twitter at @TheMiaConnect, on Pinterest at The Mia Connect, on LinkedIn at themiaconnect, and on Facebook at TheMiaConnect