ManlyShowJasonWiserWhile most of us spend a whole lot of our lives creating the content that drives folks to our various online efforts, few take the time to consider new ways to reuse and repurpose all of that awesome content.

Have no fear, content creators, because joining us for the June 26 episode of The Manly Show is the one and only Jason T. Wiser, host of the HOA/video podcast series “Get on Track, Stay on Track’”and master of repurposing content.

Wiser knows what he’s talking about, heading the digital strategy consulting firm Webination Station, which specializes in helping small businesses, churches, and various NPOs make the move from purely brick and mortar operations to building an online presence.

With a focus on digital assists (website, social media profiles, SEO, local business directories, email marketing, video, and podcasts), Wiser is also launching, a website dedicated to developing training modules for content creators – as well as the Virtual Assistants that will take advantage of various repurposing strategies.

Joining Wiser are The Manly Show regulars Mike Allton, Wade Harmon, Stephan Hovanian, and myself, Jeff Sieh.

On this episode, we delve into what repurposed content actually is, when you should do it, how to repurpose for various social media platforms, and how often you should do it, among other aspects of repurposing.

Here is a list of questions we discussed:

  1. What is repurposing content? What does it actually mean? (2:10)
  2. How often should we repurpose content? (3:21)
  3. Once you do a Hangouts On Air, how do you repurpose it? (5:15)
  4. On particular services (such as Google+), how often should you repurpose content? (11:55)
  5. How much do you council a client to re-share their material? (18:55)
  6. How do you repurpose content for a different audience, and is it worth the effort? (22:15)
  7. What tools do you use specifically to repurpose content? (27:58)
  8. How do you decide which pieces of content to repurpose? (28:44)

“Repurposing is just grabbing something and using it over
again to make it either better, or more interesting, or
bring it back to the front.”