Here are the “pins of the day” for the fourth week of April. Highlighting a  different pin of the day from Pinterest and sharing it into various social media platforms.

04-21-14 – Should I Use A Social Media Profile Or Page?

Monday’s Pin Of The Day comes from my friend +Mike Allton  who tackles one of the most asked questions about social media.

Profile or Page?

Mike makes a great point that it’s not as cut and dried as some so-called “gurus” make it to be.  He gives a list of questions to help with the decision on branding your social media account as your business or as yourself.

Mike discusses topics like:
• Business Size
• Your Products or Services
• Time You Can Commit

Mike even gives insight on how he personally runs his profiles and pages.  Make sure your head to his website and check out the entire article.


04-22-14 – Google Plus Marketing: The Pull & Push

Tuesday’s Pin Of The Day comes from my friend +Wade Harman who writes a great article on how to craft your branding message on Google+

Some key points in the article:
•  The difference between Marketing and Branding
•  What is Push Marketing?
•  What is Pull Marketing?

This article is a must read if you are struggling with gaining traction on Google+.  You maybe “pushing” your message early and in the wrong direction.  Make sure to read his article for the full details here:

04-23-14 – 12 Most Powerhouse Habits of Social Media Pros

Wednesday’s Pin Of The Day is from +Becky Gaylord writing for +12 Most

She shares some of the habits the pros do when it comes to social media.

Here are a couple of my favorites:
•  Help – To me, Google+ is the most helpful social media platform there is.
•  Thank – This can work wonders.  Thank people who share your content as much as possible.
•  Can laugh at themselves – We are all human.  What can make you attractive to other people is owning up to your mistakes, laughing about it, and then move on.

This article is full of great tips and advice anyone who is serious about social media should follow.  Check it out here:


04-24-14 -Unlock The Power Of Brand Evangelism w/ Guy Kawasaki

Thursday’s Pin Of The Day is an awesome Hangout On Air from +Jason T. Wiser  from #ontracktips  featuring +Guy Kawasaki and +Peg Fitzpatrick

In this power packed interview, the panel discusses:

•  Guy Kawasaki’s new role as Chief Evangelist for +Canva
•  Peg Fitzpatrick’s new role as Head of Social Strategy for Canva
•  How to inspire your customers to become Evangelists
•  What it takes to become a paid evangelist or Chief Evangelist
•  What’s the difference between PicMonkey and Canva?

Make sure to check out the event page here to watch the video. There’s also some great conversation happening in the comments!



04-25-14 -Pinterest: The Ultimate Discovery Engine to Find and Save the Things You Love

Friday’s Pin Of The Day is from +Peg Fitzpatrick writing for +Canva about some big announcements over at +Pinterest

This article does a great job explaining the new features announced at Pinterest, especially Guided Search.

Head over to Canva’s blog to read the entire article on what could be a game changer for Pinterest.