These are the “pins of the day” for the third week of April, 2014.  The #PinOfTheDay hashtag is a great way to highlight important pins on various social networks and to see what others deem as “pin worthy” as well.  For me, I use it as a way to curate and share great articles and resources that I find helpful and interesting.

04-14-14 -5 Ways Pinterest Can Help Your Blog

Monday’s Pin Of The Day comes from the always awesome +Peg Fitzpatrick
Peg mentions in her article how +Pinterest can help drive significant traffic to your blog.  She gives 5 great tips on how Pinterest can help:

1.  Create a separate, pinnacle image.
+Canva just came out with some great new Pinterest templates. You can read my review of Canva here.

2.  Create a pin on Pinterest for each post.
Make sure to also use a call to action!  I’d also add to go back to older blog posts and create a optimized image for Pinterest to get some more traction on older articles.

3.  Share the link to the pin with a #PinOfTheDay hashtag.
I’ve found it also is a great way to curate and promote others content.

4.  Cross promote your pins!
Pin It For Later is really effective on Google Plus!

5.  Register your blog on Pinterest for Business for analytics.
This is well worth the time to set up.  The analytics feature is a must to see how your pins are doing on Pinterest.

Make sure to head over and read Peg’s entire article for even more tips and resources!


04-15-14 – Interview Tips for Podcast and Hangouts On-Air Hosts

Tuesday’s Pin Of The Day comes from the always insightful +Shannon Hernandez

Shannon gives some great advice to those wanting to take their podcasting or HOA interviewing skills to the next level.

1.  Do Your Show Preparation a Week in Advance
2.  Break the Ice With Your Guest
3.  Listen to Everything Your Guest Has to Say
4.  Smile At The Beginning Of Your Interview
5.  Misdirect Your Questions On Purpose
6.  Be Yourself and Have Confidence

Being a one-time professional magician, I can understand the power of #5!  The ability to use the power of misdirection at an interview in a comfortable and natural way is a skill that everyone can develop.

Read the entire article for even more tips and tricks here:



04-16-14 – Using Images for Social Media Success w/ Jenn Herman

Wednesday’s Pin Of The Day comes from the +Ashley Faulkes – Mad Lemmings Podcast featuring +Jenn Herman an #Instagram expert!

Jenn shares some great tips and best practices on:

1.  How to share on Instagram
2.  Use of descriptions
3.  How to use hashtags optimally
4.  Finding more followers and proper etiquette

Jenn gives some great tips from the beginners perspective as well as from a seasoned marketer’s viewpoint.  Ashley is a great host and asks great questions!

Read the entire article for even more tips here:



04-17-14 – 4 Ways To Get More Views Of Your Videos With Pinterest

Thursday’s Pin Of The Day comes from +Cynthia Sanchez  creator of the Oh So Pinteresting podcast and blog.

One of the most attractive things to me about+Pinterest is the ability to pin videos.  In today’s pin Cynthia shares 4 ways to maximize the views of your video! These are some great tips for HOA creators who want to get more milage out of their video content.

1.  Create a custom thumbnail
2.  Create a separate pinnable image
3.  Create a separate board
4.  Be SEO friendly

Not sure how to do any of that?  Head over to Cynthia’s blog for all the details!



04-18-14 – 10 Ways To Use Social Media To Virtually Crush The Competition Ebook

Friday’s Pin Of The Day comes from +Rebekah Radice  who IMHO is one of the smartest people on social media.

Rebekah as authored this short, easy to read ebook that walks you through how to set yourself apart from the competition.  It really should be called a workbook, since there are sections in the ebook where you will answer questions that will help you think strategically on your business.

Couple of my favorite sections in the ebook:

• Creating an Unique Experience
• Making Your Website Credible
• How To Set Manageable Goals

Those are just the tip of the iceberg!  Make sure to head over to Rebekah’s website and signup for the free ebook here!