Search Engine Optimization

Do you want your business to get noticed?  Sure, you do!  How else will you gain new customers and make money?

When someone searches online for your company or the services and products that you offer, SEO is the way to go in getting your company’s website ranked higher on the search engines.

Google is numero uno when it comes to search engines.

The best way to get good search engine rankings is with good content that changes regularly.  We can help you with that.  But, we’ve slapped a warning label on this one:  there are numerous SEO companies out there that have no problem with doing things underhanded.  If you’ve been promised that you’ll get to the top of the heap in a short amount of time, they’re lying to you – plain and simple.

We’re all about being honest, so we’re here to tell you that it does take a little time and “elbow grease” to make your website top-dog in the search engine rankings.  With everything else in life, hard work is the key and there are no short cuts.

Bottom line?  Let us handle the hard work for you.  It’s that simple.


His Design’s Other Services

His Design is not just a place for you to get your website designed.  We can help you most any online marketing needs.
From Pay Per Click to Facebook ads let us help get your vision for your company online. Feel free to call with any questions you may have.
If we don’t know the answer we’ll find someone who does!

Email Marketing is still a cost effective strategy for businesses to maintain relationships with customers and also build brand recognition.  No time to start a campaign? Need help analyzing data? We can help give you options to get exactly what you need. From message layout and design to email campaign set up, we’re here to help you succeed.

Our writing team will provide you with text which has clear ideas written in an appropriate style that is consistent throughout the entire document. Our editing/proofreading service corrects errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. Let us help you with your content writing, editing and proofreading needs.

Not sure where to get started?  Need a Facebook page but confused with the new timeline view?  Not sure if you need an e-commerce site or not?  What’s the difference between a domain name and domain hosting anyway?  You’ve got questions…we can help with getting you answers.