We’ve all read the articles on how to respond to people online, but it’s always good to revisit proper manners.

No matter what social network you’re on and using, alway remember the Golden Rule…treat others the way you want to be treated.

It’s also a good idea to remember not to ever post, tweet, or share something that you wouldn’t want your kids, spouse, wife, boss, parents, or anyone else important to see. Remember social media is an open, wild frontier where any post can go viral. Many jobs have been lost and countless friendships have been hurt by a careless tweet or post.

Below is a video with some simple reminders for Twitter etiquette. Whether or not you have been on Twitter since the beginning or have just started using social media, it’s a good idea to remind yourself that there are real people reading those 140 characters.


Thanks to OneLily and Marketing Optimist.

Twitter Etiquette 101

Short video with simple tips on Twitter etiquette.