A power-packed line up, consisting of Les Dossey, Wade Harman, Stephan Hovnanian, Mike Allton, and myself sat down in January with Chef Dennis Littley for my Google+ HOA show, Manly Pinterest Tips, to discuss the ins-and-outs of Pinterest and how it can help food bloggers and other folks interested in social media.

Littley fell in love with cooking at a young age, and now you can read about his many gastronomic adventures at his appropriately named blog A Culinary Journey with Chef Dennis at AskChefDennis.com.

Chef Dennis started blogging in 2009, with the intention of helping his culinary students. He quickly found out, though, that his ‘Real Food for Real People’ mantra struck a cord with people all around the world.

Since then, Chef Dennis has embraced social media, particularly Google+ and Pinterest, hosting shows like Good Day Google Plus and The Bloggers Guide to Using Google+ Effectively, as well as a appearing on several of his colleagues’ shows, including mine.

In this episode of Manly Pinterest Tips, I discussed with Chef Dennis and the rest of the panel the many uses of Pinterest, especially for food bloggers.  We went over how to drive traffic to your site using Pinterest, how to get photos of food dishes to look as good as they taste, and why it is a good idea to post vertical photos on Pinterest.

We also touched on some changes coming to Pinterest, including rich pins and the new related pins feature.

Here is a list of questions we discussed:

  1. What do you use Pinterest for? How do you use it in your food blogging? (1:41)
  2. Where does Pinterest rate in driving traffic? (2:24)
  3. Do you take all the pictures of your food dishes? Are there tricks to making it look appetizing? Do you really eat that food? (3:36)
  4.  How long have you been including food ingredients/instructions below recipe photos (called Rich Pins)?  (6:49)
  5. How much time per day do you spend on Pinterest? What are some of your common daily tasks? (8:40)
  6. What importance would you place on Pinterest for someone who is just getting into food blogging? (10:31)
  7. What size vertical pictures (in pixels) do you shoot for in Pinterest? (11:46)
  8. Do you watermark all of your images? (12:54)
  9. Do you think some of the things Pinterest is doing structurally, in terms of attribution and rich pins, will help food bloggers? (15:10)
  10. What’s the best way for someone new to food blogging and Pinterest to give proper credit for using someone else’s material? (17:20)
  11. Is Pinterest’s new related pins feature a good thing or is it something people won’t use? (20:32)
  12. Do you even check your Pinterest stream or is it just all searching Pinterest for you? (22:13)
  13. Why has my Pinterest home stream changed from when I first set it up my account? (23:56)
  14. What do you think about the new related pins feature? (25:06)
  15. Do you ever send pins to somebody else?  (26:40)
  16. What are rich pins and why should someone use them? (28:03)
  17. What are you working on and where can we find you? (29:59)

“If it is a bad picture, it is like anything else. If it is bad content, it doesn’t matter how many times you share it or pin it. It’s not going anywhere.”

– Chef Dennis Littley


Click here to read Chef Dennis Littley’s blog.

Find Chef Littley on Google+ at +ChefDennisLittley, on Twitter at @askchefdennis, on Pinterest, and on LinkedIn at dennis-littley/23/b2/203.

Using Pinterest More Effectively with Chef Dennis Littley
In this episode of The Manly Pinterest Tips Show we discuss how to drive traffic to your site with Pinterest with Chef Dennis Littley.